​​The Karuna Center for Natural Healthcare offers natural, affordable healthcare for the entire family utilizing safe and holistic natural treatments.  The whole person is addressed with extra emphasis on the mind-body connection 
to ​health and well being.  We are dedicated to assisting you in your personal journey of healing, growth, and transformation so that you can reach your full potential and be empowered to handle the stresses of life more effectively and gracefully.

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Ongoing classes are offered on different health and wellness topics.  Most are free of charge and open to the public.  



​​What is Natural Holistic Healthcare?

Proper healthcare should be based on both intervention and healing. But the modern medical system has come to be based on intervention only. Prescription drugs are given for symptomatic relief and to stop a disease process while surgery is the last resort. These interventions are often necessary for emergencies and advanced diseases, but for the vast majority of daily health issues, they can cause dependency and do NOT help heal the body.

This is where natural healthcare comes in.
The body is made to heal but many things can block proper healing such as trauma, toxins, infections, deficiencies, negative thoughts, emotional imbalance, structural imbalance, and chronic inflammation. Natural holistic healthcare works with nature and the wisdom of the body to address the root cause of the problem safely without major side effects. True health and well being is about learning how to deal with stress and maintaining a high level of vitality.