Welcome to Karuna Center for Natural Healthcare!

Our goal is simple...to help you be healthy and happy.

We offer affordable healthcare for the entire family

utilizing safe and holistic natural treatments.



What is Holistic Healthcare?


Holistic healthcare takes into account the connection of the mind and emotions to the body, and addresses the deeper causes of dis-ease and imbalance from various forms of stress such as nutrition, toxins, trauma, and emotions.  Symptoms are always signs of deeper issues which must be addressed for true healing to occur.

Why Natural Healthcare?

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Natural healthcare is based on using the power of nature to facilitate the healing process.  An innate intelligence guides the body in all its amazing functions behind the scenes.  Being healthy means working with our innate intelligence with proper diet, movement, stress management, and lifestyle choices as well as addressing any interference to true healing. The natural healing force within is what heals us...anything else either helps or gets in the way.

Why Karuna Center?

The Karuna Center is dedicated to helping you on your own personal journey to health and well-being.  Every person is given an individualized plan for health based on their unique history, needs, and concerns.  Safe, natural treatments are used to address the whole person in addition to health coaching and stress management for prevention and long-term well-being.