Who We Are
Your Ally in Health
Your Guide in Change
Your Light in Awakening
Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the awakening of each person to their full potential by acting as a catalyst and guide along their path to optimal health and wellness.


Our focus is to naturally activate the innate healing force within and address the cause of suffering.


Our goal is to provide guidance during the transformative healing process and foster more awareness of natural law.


With proper healing and guidance, one can fully integrate body, mind, and spirit as well as be empowered to effectively handle the stresses of life with more grace and wisdom.


The end result is growth and evolution.

Our Philosophy

First, Do No Harm


Find the Cause

Treat the Whole Person

The Healing Power of Nature

Empower and Educate


We believe everyone has the potential to heal and live a life of radiant health with the power of nature. An innate healing force resides within that can be awakened and directed with proper awareness and guidance.

Our Team

Suman Chaudhuri





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Olivia Bishop





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