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Functional Tests

What are Functional Tests?


Functional testing using blood, saliva, and urine is a method of assessing the state of health beyond the usual scope of the traditional medical approach of only looking at normal blood ranges to diagnose disease or illness. With the growing popularity and effectiveness of functional medicine as an assessment tool, more medical doctors and health practitioners are utilizing this model of care for wellness and addressing issues before blood markers appear out of the "normal" range. Some common issues addressed by functional testing include hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, hidden infection burden, gut dysbiosis, and toxin exposure.

How do we Use Functional Testing?


Functional medicine is a wonderful tool to get detailed and valuable information about specific health issues of the body as well as to monitor health progression. We employ traditional blood testing as well as saliva, urine, and hair analysis to gather as much information as possible about health status and direction of care...BUT, we do not rely on functional testing ONLY for assessments and treatments. For many, it can be cost-prohibitive and actually unnecessarily confusing to consider an overabundance of information that may or may not be related to the direction of care that is actually a priority. Obviously, functional testing can not assess the energetic and emotional components of wellness!

What Testing Do We Offer?

We offer blood tests through LabCorp and Quest at wholesale discounted prices with panels for specific issues as well as customized panels and individual tests as needed or upon request. If you are interested in specific blood tests or panels, please contact us

We also offer saliva, urine, and hair testing as needed or requested as well as part of the numerous programs we offer.

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