Lauren Russell
Lauren Russell, Psychological Counselor

Lauren has long been drawn to the world of the healing arts.  She grew up connected to the natural world as a place where we can witness the highest beauty and deepest suffering.  Throughout her life, Lauren has continued to pursue spiritual and creative paths that help her make sense of that juxtaposition both in her personal life and the world around her.

Lauren am a Licensed Professional Counselor and EMDR certified counselor offering therapy focused on personal and ancestral trauma, attachment wounds, and life transitions.  She uses an intuitive blend of somatic and mindfulness focused modalities to guide clients towards trusting their own inner healer.  Lauren also offers integration work and is pursuing training in psychedelic assisted therapy to prepare for the future of what this field will offer.

Occasionally, Lauren will offer a body-based modality, called Breema, for clients that can benefit from it, but it is separate from her work as a therapist.

Lauren truly looks forward to helping you heal and connect to your innermost self.