Kristi Wysocki
Kristi Wysocki, Health Coach

Kristi is a holistic health and wellness coach who focuses on the integration of nutrition and lifestyle choices in order to create healthier, happier, more balanced and sustainable daily living. She believes that nutrition is individualized and personal, that there is no one way of eating that is right for everyone, and that all areas of your life are interconnected to the whole. 


Kristi works closely with her clients to help them and equip them with the self-awareness needed in order to identify and incorporate foods that are good and nourishing to their bodies, and to self-evaluate how all the many parts of their lifestyle are affecting their health as a whole. She partners with them to co-create realistic and attainable goals for getting started on their healing journey and assists them in moving forward in their pursuit of optimal health and wellness.  


Kristi works with clients of all ages, but is extremely passionate about women’s health, hormones, and gut health and loves working with women during preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum.