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The Academy 

Authentic + Holistic + Integrative

Awakening to spirituality is a significant step along the path of Optimal Living, and without guidance to navigate the myriad possibilities and avenues available these days, the spiritual path can end up full of distractions, confusion, and frustration. For true spiritual cultivation, a basic framework and roadmap beyond dogma are essential to achieve one's spiritual potential.

 ~ The Journey to Enlightened Living ~

Image by Sharon Pittaway
Stone Balancing

Foundational Being

Essential Alchemy

Radiant Illumination

The Valuable Applications

Intuition Development

Noble Service

Integrative Healer Training

The Transformative Practices

Kundalini Cultivation

Tranquility-Samadhi Training

Wisdom-Insight Cultivation

The Perennial Wisdom

Spiritual Cultivation

Educational Coursework

Support & Community

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