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Sunset Buddha Statue

Enlightened Living

~ The Journey of Realizing Your Potential ~

For those ready to begin the exploration of 

Generally, once a foundation of health is established and a stable level of wellness can be maintained, the next stage of the journey becomes the focus to achieve new levels of vitality and well-being. It is important to understand that their may still be key pillars of health and wellness needing attention and healing, and this may limit the availability of certain programs, but many areas of this stage will still be available in these cases. Skillful Living is always available for anyone anywhere on the path and is a powerful way to improve one's life while other areas of the self are being cultivated.


Intuitive Arts

Applying the Mind

Developing Intuition

Psychic Cultivation

Directed Energy Training

Image by Sharon Pittaway

Personal Coaching


Enhanced Energy Cultivation

Directed Transformation

Awakening Kundalini

Stone Balancing

Integrative Spirituality


Spiritual Cultivation

 Internal Alchemy


Walk as if you are kissing the earth
with your feet

                          ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

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