Special Events

Morning Mindfulness

with Suman

10 to 12 pm


Stages of Mindfulness

Reconnecting to Breath

Being Still

Awareness & Insight

Afternoon Journeying

with Olivia

1 to 3 pm

Diving Within

Awakening Clairvoyance

Meeting your Guides

Psychic Answers

Sound Bath Meditation

3 to 3:30 pm


Join us for a day-long immersion into the mind and spirit.

We will deeply connect to the body and mind through proven mindfulness methods

and explore the foundations of meditation.

Then we will journey inward to connect with our intuition and psychic capabilities using

powerful shamanic methods.

This workshop will give you techniques and insight on how to further your mindfulness meditation practice and how to deepen your intuitive connection. We find these practices go hand-in-hand but some find themselves drawn more strongly to one or the other. (If you prefer to do just one workshop, that's fine!)

Optional to bring: lunch if you want, cushion, yoga mat, a question for a psychic, and note-taking material


Facilitated by 

Suman Chaudhuri

Olivia Bishop