Healthy Living

The path of Healthy Living is about taking back control of your health and moving beyond the sickness and disease model. There are so many more options than symptomatic band-aids and reliance on drugs. Reaching your true health potential is actually possible for anyone. By addressing the root cause of illness or stress in the body and mind and activating the innate healing abilities within, you can achieve lasting health and wellness. With proper guidance, nutrition, awareness, relaxation, and stress management, one can heal, cleanse, transform, and be empowered to live a life of radiant health and well-being. 

Stress Diagnosis

Healing is a natural process but a number of factors in our environment and lifestyle can interfere and stifle this process such as stubborn toxins, heavy metals, stealth infections, and parasites.  Identifying the root causes or stressors to a health issue or condition is key to activating healing and regaining health.

Body System Support

Nourishing and rebuilding the major systems of the body including specific organs and glands with natural remedies and nutrition are important steps in regaining health, changing chronic conditions, overcoming inflammation and infection, detoxification, and sustaining long-term wellness. 

Bio-Energetic Integration

Tension, trauma, or toxins, whether physical or emotional, can manifest in the body as actual misalignments, blockages, pain, and most any symptom.  A blend of gentle chiropractic, directed energy techniques, and mindfulness is used to address these issues and activate healing.

Stress Management

Our inability to handle stress internally is what creates tension in the body that affects our health.  A stressed, tense body and mind will be even more susceptible to more tension, trauma, and toxins.  By practicing simple techniques using the breath and awareness, it is possible to reduce tension and become more resilient to stress.