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Holistic Energy Scan

What is an Energy Scan?


The unique defining characteristic of holistic healthcare that separates it from conventional medical care is a  broader view of the person beyond just the body and symptoms. This broader view factors in the functional, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of each person. In this regard, it's important to consider assessment methods that are able to consider these layers of the whole person. The Holistic Energy Scan is a method that combines traditional kinesiology or muscle testing approaches and medical intuition with the intent of accessing the wisdom of the body. The goal is to disentangle the core issues or root causes to create a prioritized plan of action in the best interest of the patient.

What is actually assessed?


We first and foremost identify the most significant stressors if any that may be the source root cause of what is causing the imbalance, symptom, or condition. Examples of stressors include infections, physical or energetic toxins, physical or emotional trauma, disruptive energy patterns, lifestyle issues, and spiritual issues. These stressors are major blocks to healing, create a burden on the person, and drain vitality, They should be addressed as soon as possible on the healing journey to promote proper healing and not just symptom management.

The next step that is unique to our process is to then assess the area of the body or energy system that needs the most attention in the healing process. The effect of the stressors on the body may manifest as symptoms or issues in structure, alignment, inflammation, organ function, tissue repair, the mind, and meridian and chakra systems.


Addressing the stressors AND the effect of the stressors on the whole person ensures the potential for true and complete healing in the most efficient way. 

What are Sessions Like?

A typical session will begin with ascertaining the best initial course of action in the best interest of the patient...start with identifying and addressing stressors only, identifying and addressing the main effects of the stressors, or both.


The major stressors and/or the effects of the stressors will be prioritized in order of importance to the healing process. What this means is that addressing the highest-priority issues from the onset enables optimal healing potential and allows for a focused and manageable care plan instead of trying to address every single symptom or issue. In addition, often other symptoms may actually indirectly clear by addressing the priority stressors first. 


The method of assessment may vary depending on the person or whether the session is in person or online. Often a direct biofeedback test is used in person such as muscle testing. Online sessions will usually be mostly based on medical intuition overlayed over our healing model.

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