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Natalie Cox
Natalie Cox
Integrative Life Coach

Natalie has been a certified integrative life coach since 2018. Coaching offers collaborative deep inquiry and can assist in creating resourceful states that include and not limited to: navigating transitions, clearing creative or emotional blocks, fearful or anxious thoughts, finding clarity in decision making, overcoming limiting beliefs, planning goals or realizing your big dream, building self confidence, establishing mindfulness practices and rituals, and more.


Informed by Jungian and archetypal psychology and training in somatic coaching, Natalie supports clients in developing and expanding their relationship with the self and how this impacts their decision making, and consequently, their relationship with their community and world-at-large. She also has experience helping clients prepare for and integrate altered states and transpersonal experiences. In addition to her coaching work, Natalie is in her third year at Pacifica Graduate Institute and is pursuing an M.A. in counseling psychology.

Do you have questions? Contact Natalie at or schedule a consultation to learn more. 

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