Natalie Cox
Natalie Cox
Integrative Life Coach

Natalie has been an integrative certified life coach since 2018. In your coaching sessions, you choose the area of 
focus. Natalie will listen, ask questions, make observations, and potentially walk you through applicable 
exercises. Ideally with each session, you will take away next steps that reinforce your work together with 
the intent to keep you inspired and moving forward.  
Her approach to coaching is holistic valuing overall wellness and personal growth, while prioritizing self-
care in the process. She integrates conversation, mindfulness, art-making, imaginal processes, somatic 
coaching, and next steps to support you in moving forward. 
On a practical level, she can assist clients with identifying and integrating their values into their business, 
timeline goal setting, and building on the premise of "why" you do what you do.  She also has experience working with clients to help integrate transpersonal experiences, dreams and plant-medicine or psychedelic journeys. 
Certifications and trainings: 
The Power of Embodied Transformation. A 28-week somatic coaching certification course originally 
developed by pioneer Richard Strozzi-Heckler, accredited by the International Coaching Federation 
Psychedelic Therapy and Integration Breakthrough Program. A program for psychedelic healing: safety, 
preparation, navigation and integration with Shiri M. Godasi, M.A. (2019)  
NLP, Life Coaching, Social/ Emotional Intelligence Coaching Certification. Global NLP, Amsterdam, NL 
Reiki Master. Completed Reiki Master Level 3 in the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition with Heather Alexander 
at Brooklyn Classical Reiki Center, (2012)