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Functional Body Scan

To uncover the root cause of an issue, a general or focused full body scan will reveal the underlying stressors. Only then can effective natural treatments be used to address the issues and ignite healing. The body's innate intelligence guides the whole process.

Dr. Suman is a healer who blends ancient wisdom and an intuitive approach with modern healing methods. He is a chiropractor and naturopath with expertise in Ayurveda, energy healing, nutrition, and trauma resolution.  He strives to embody and promote vitality, compassion, and stillness.

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Remote sessions

For convenience, we also offer remote consultations and sessions over video or phone.

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We offer a unique journey of healing, transformation, and evolution that is meant to maximize human potential. This journey usually unfolds in three distinct stages although the process does not have to be linear. This is a natural process available to anyone with the proper guidance, work, and support. The goal of each stage of the journey is to achieve, stabilize, and potentially enhance specific pillars of the body and mind, and then to actualize and live as this healthier, vibrant, and awakened self.

Musli Mix

Vibrant Living
~ Optimal Health ~

Foundational Health

Stable Wellness

Radiant Vitality

Yoga by the Ocean

Vibrant Living
~ Radiant Vitality ~

Renewal & Rejuvenation

Skillful Living

Life Coaching

Meditating on hillside

Enlightened Living
~ Awakened Presence ~

Spiritual Cultivation

Energy Mastery & Alchemy

Intuitive Arts

A River in France

Natural Process


identify and address stressors,
balance, repair, rebuild, cleanse


awaken, engage, and direct the
innate healing forces within 


navigate the healing process,
guide, educate, and empower


Doctor's Appointment

Holistic Testing

Functional Medicine

nutritional status, hormonal balance, organ function, mineral balance

Specialized Functional Testing

physical and energetic system balance, wellness factors, cardiac health risks

Energetic Testing

causal and priority assessments of the body, energy, emotions, and mind


Reiki Treatment

Integrative Treatments

Holistic Chiropractic

low force adjustments, acupressure,
directed energy techniques

Clinical Nutrition

whole food targeted supplementation, botanical medicine, diet modification

Energy Medicine

laser light therapy, homeopathy,
mind-body energy techniques


We offer a unique system of personal development from foundational natural healthcare to advanced spiritual cultivation.

We believe healing is a process of transformation leading to the realization of our ultimate potential.

We promote life as an evolution from Vibrant Living to Enlightened Living!

Our Main Programs

Our Optimal Living Program

For those interested in a comprehensive plan of self discovery and healing
to actual self-actualization and potentially even Self-Realization!

Have questions?

Not sure where to begin?

Ready to embark on your journey?

Let us help you customize a plan.


Acute & Chronic Conditions

Personalized Health Plans

Condition Specific Programs

Stress Management


Body & Mind

Customized Detoxification

Basic & Advanced

General & Focused


Healthy Aging & Longevity

Optimizing Body Function

Cellular Restoration

General & Focused


Energy Cultivation

Optimizing Energy Systems

Yogic & Daoist Practices

Kundalini Preparation

The Path of Vibrant Living

We offer a complete system of optimal wellness from healing to transformation of the body & mind.
We offer unique programs along each step of the journey to maximize progress and success.
This path is open to anyone ready to do the work and ready to change.
You must believe in the possibility of a greater version of yourself!

Have questions?
Not sure where to begin?

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