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Raquel Bueno
Raquel Bueno, Yoga Therapist and Instructor

Raquel is a 25+ year yoga practitioner, teacher, and teacher trainer, and forever a student.  Everything she does is influenced by real life experiences; how we move in the world and how we receive, adjust, and respond to the world through our body and mind.  She teaches one-on-one sessions and yoga teacher trainings in Nashville as well as internationally, utilizing the practices of Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda to support people in finding their own way and restoring persona agency.  She also does one-on-one yoga mentorships using the yoga sutras as a guide to life and living.

Raquel's greatest gift is seeing people beneath the veneer of life's impact; seeing humans for who they really are.  Whether you are feeling the impact of your physical patterns, want to make a personal change in how you move in the world, or want to find more quietness in your mind, working together with Raquel will bring you back to yourself.

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