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Our Services

Truly Integrative Services

The different programs we offer are all comprised of unique blends of natural and holistic services meant to maximize and accelerate the healing process and transformation.

Our team of skilled practitioners works together to ensure the most effective care is provided based on your personalized needs and your particular stage of the journey.
 All of our services are also available as selectable offerings without participating in any Wellness Car Program for simplicity and affordability.

If you would like guidance selecting an individual service only, please consider a free Discovery Consult so that we can better dircect you.

Wellness Care Assessments

These services are the primary assessments that the Wellness Care Programs are based on which provide a truly holistic picture of the whole person and a clear roadmap for healing. 
They are conducted by or under the supervision of Dr. Suman usually as part of the initial Wellness Care Assessment or as a separate service if requested or needed.

Primary Care

These services are the main foundational treatments for our Wellness Care Programs and are often chosen as the only primary treatment path for many depending on their issues.

Energy Medicine

Balancing the energy systems directly is a key component in any healing process. The energy services we offer are powerful ways to activate healing, address intangible, subtle elements of the healing process, and create states of deep relaxation.


Each of these services is available as stand-alone offerings as well as supportive parts of our Wellness Care Programs.


Our coaching services are powerful ways to transform ourselves and our lives along the journey to Optimal Living. As health increases, other aspects of the self may become important to address and optimize. Our coaches provide powerful avenues to profoundly change for the better and reach your potential.


Each of these services is available as a stand-alone offering

Intuitive Services

These unique services are important considerations for healing and growth as they offer specialized guidance to navigate the healing path and life with more ease and confidence.


Each of these services is available as a stand-alone offering.

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