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Wellness Care

This is the foundation of the Optimal Wellness Program providing a truly holistic picture of the whole person and a clear roadmap for healing. The stressors and blocks to healing are uncovered and addressed by blending the best of functional medicine, intuitive energy analysis, targeted food-based supplement protocols, and energy-based mind-body approaches.

This is conducted by Dr. Suman after the initial Wellness Consultation for the Optimal Wellness Program or as a separate service if requested or needed.

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A Truly Holistic
Way to Assess

Part 1
Wellness Assessment

Holistic Energy Analysis
Uncover the stressors affecting health
Functional Medicine
Lab tests to uncover imbalance in the body

Holistic Energy Analysis

The unique defining characteristic of holistic healthcare that separates it from conventional medical care is a  broader view of the person beyond just the body and symptoms. This broader view factors in the functional, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual parts of each person. In this regard, it's important to consider assessment methods that are able to consider these layers of the whole person. The Holistic Energy Scan is a method that combines traditional kinesiology or muscle testing approaches and medical intuition with the intent of accessing the wisdom of the body. The goal is to disentangle the core issues or root causes to create a prioritized plan of action in the best interest of the patient.

Functional Medicine Testing

Functional testing using blood, saliva, and urine is a method of assessing the state of health beyond the usual scope of the traditional medical approach of only looking at normal blood ranges to diagnose disease or illness. With the growing popularity and effectiveness of functional medicine as an assessment tool, more medical doctors and health practitioners are utilizing this model of care for wellness and addressing issues before blood markers appear out of the "normal" range. Some common issues addressed by functional testing include hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiencies, hidden infection burden, gut dysbiosis, and toxin exposure.

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A Truly Integrative
Way to Heal

Part 2
Wellness Care

Functional Nutrition
Targeted supplements for optimal healing
Mind-Body Integration
Mindfulness-based methods for transformation

Functional Nutrition

Functional Nutrition is the use of natural supplements to target the body and mind based on the results of the Wellness Assessment. The body has to innate capacity to heal and repair if the proper resources are available and if the healing pathways are balanced and clear. The main goals of Functional Nutrition are to activate healing, repair, rebuilt, and balance the body and mind.

Mind-Body Integration

Healing is a transformative process hardwired into our beings but easily interfered with and blocked. The body, emotions, and mind are separate apparent functional systems to our perception but in reality, they function as a unified and integrated whole system. The vital healing force permeates all three seemingly distinct parts of us and the key to true healing that creates lasting change is properly addressing any interference or blockage in this flow throughout the whole person. 

To this end, applying Mind-Body Integration methods are crucial to the full healing process. Connecting awareness mindfully to the body while coordinating the breath facilitates the release and movement of emotion and vital energy. This creates the right mindset of decreasing resistance and allowing the full healing process to unfold in time. 

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