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This is the primary assessment that the Wellness Care Program is based on which provides a truly holistic picture of the whole person and a clear roadmap for healing. 

This is conducted by or under the supervision of Dr. Suman as part of the initial consultation of the Wellness Care Program or as a separate service if requested or needed.

Image by Erol Ahmed

A Truly Holistic
Way to Assess

Everyone carries a unique story that has led you to this moment, and so we take the time to really be present and listen to your full story...your medical, family, social, life, trauma, emotional, mental, and spiritual history. We connect to the whole person and take in the full picture of who you are. 

Wellness is only achieved with balance and harmony throughout all the aspects of the whole person...physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. And so, we employ assessment methods that factor in these levels for a truly holistic approach. Our goal is to uncover the root causes and stressors that are interfering with the healing process.

How Do We Do This


Full history intake of the whole person - medical, symptoms, family social, life, trauma, emotional, mental, and spiritual

Intuitive connection to higher wisdom  

Functional medicine tests to dig deeper into genetics, organ function and toxicities

Full array of testing availability including blood, saliva, urine, and hair 

Uncover the cause - infections, trauma, toxins, energy, emotions, thoughts

Prioritize the area needed support - structure, function, energy system, mind 


Hands-on exams and in-office tests to assess structure, function, and nutrition

Unique holistic technology-based test - HeartQuest Variability & Angioscan 

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