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Wellness Care Program

This program is designed to be a gateway and foundation for optimal health and wellness.

Regardless of your starting point, we will help you move from just symptom or pain management to true healing and recovery naturally and holistically.


If you are looking for alternatives to drugs and surgery or seeking complimentary help with your medical condition and medications, then we can help you find better solutions and healthy strategies.


If you are ready to commit to a more natural path of healing and address the deeper causes of your symptoms or suffering, then we will help you navigate the healing path with the care, tools, and guidance you need.


...And in time, potentially lead you to a state of greater wellness and well-being!

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Establishing a
Solid Foundation
of Health & Wellness

Customized Plans for natural healthcare.
We create a unique care plan for healing and recovery based on your specific needs. We meet you where are along your journey and assist you in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.

Holistic Assessments to uncover the root cause.
We consider the whole person, the body, mind, and spirit, in our process of assessing the sources of stress creating dis-ease as well as the effects on the structure, organs, energy systems, emotions, and mind.

Integrative Treatments with a true team approach.
We offer truly integrative care blending the best of traditional and modern healing that addresses the whole person. We are a team working as one to guide and support you along the journey to wellness.

The Actual Steps

Step 1

Wellness Discovery

Connection - We listen & we care starting with the initial free consultation. This step may be bypassed if you are ready to get started.

Healing - We create a truly customized plan of care blending the most effective combination of our integrative treatments based on the priority areas uncovered in the assessments.

Discovery - We examine the whole person with a detailed history, relevant physical and in-house exams, functional labs, & the Holistic Energy Scan.

Step 4

Support &

Mindset - We guide and educate along the whole journey of healing with check-in assessments, coaching, and training to maximize the healing process and foster the wellness mindset.

Have questions or ready to connect?

Ready to commit to the first step?
Schedule a Wellness Assessment now!

The Path Best Suited For You

To create a solid foundation for sustainable wellness for the body and mind, the Pillars of Health must be addressed and stabilized. Most will be experiencing physical or mental symptoms connected to one or more of these pillars to begin with and the path to wellness will usually begin with healing those priority areas first. 

Basic Detox

Hormonal Balance

Inflammatory Balance

Glycemic Balance

To this end, we offer two tracks as part of the Wellness Care Program.

Track 1


The starting place for most on the journey to wellness. Fully customized care plan based on the main symptoms, priority issues, and unique personal situations.

Track 2


A focused approach to address a specific Pillar of Health as a starting point or as a track to selectively fine-tune. This may be the most simple and affordable option for many. 

The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease..

~ Thomas Edison

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