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Your Ally in Health
Your Guide in Change
Your Light in Awakening
Holding Hands

Action-based compassion for those who suffer.

The desire to remove harm and suffering from others

And then doing something to alleviate that suffering.

The Endless Knot

The Buddhist symbol for the seamless blend of yin and yang,


compassion and wisdom, cause and effect, change and time,


as well as the union of the path of healing and the path of spirituality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to facilitate the realization of one's full potential by acting as a catalyst and guide along one's path to optimal health, wellness, vitality, and awakening.


We believe everyone has the ability to heal and live a life of radiant health aligned with the power of nature. An innate healing force resides within that can be awakened and directed with proper awareness and guidance.


Our focus is to naturally activate this innate healing force within and address the cause of suffering.


Our goal is to provide guidance during the transformative healing process and foster more awareness of natural law.


With proper healing and guidance, one can fully integrate body, mind, and spirit as well as be empowered to effectively handle the stresses of life with more grace and wisdom.


The end result is growth, evolution, and awakening!

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