Online Store

Ordering Supplements

We offer the convenience of online ordering of recommended supplements delivered directly to you.

The primary dispensary is Fullscript, the first option, where most of the recommended supplements can be ordered from.

Certain supplements are only available directly from the supplement company.

Please contact the office for further assistance.

Fullscript Dispensary

Please use the link to the left for direct access to Fullscript.

All orders will be shipped directly to you within 2-3 days.


All supplements EXCEPT Standard Process, Celletech, Banyan, and Pure Synergy are available here.  Please see below for the others.


Standard Process & Mediherb

Please use this direct link for all Standard Process and Mediherb orders.  The Patient Direct Code is 42RZ3X which you will need to enter upon registering for the first time.  Once we approve your registration, you will be free to order.

Pure Synergy logo.png

Please order Pure Synergy supplements directly from their website.


Please order Celletech supplements directly from their website.

Banyan Supplements Only