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My Story
Dr. Suman Chaudhuri

I believe human potential is truly unlimited if we have the proper awareness, tools, and guidance to heal the body, liberate the mind, open the heart, and reconnect to Spirit. To that end, I have formulated a unique system of personal development that begins with natural healthcare and culminates in spiritual cultivation and enlightened living. My goal has been to make this universal path of healing, transformation, and awakening accessible to anyone open and willing to take the necessary steps and do the work. My hope is that I will have been able to do my part in easing some of the suffering of the world along with helping people realize their highest potential and evolve into the best version of themselves.


Although I was born in India and raised in the United States from a very young age, I was able to maintain a strong connection to my ancient heritage which gave me the platform and direction to dive into the greater mysteries of life. My initial awakening occurred in college upon first learning meditation and eastern philosophy along with witnessing the magic of chiropractic and mind-body healing. I subsequently redirected my interest in medicine at that time to natural healthcare and fully immersed myself in meditation and all things spiritual.


My Journey as a Healer

My knowledge of healing and healthcare is based on formal training, personal study, insight, and professional practice. My path as a healer began formally with training as a chiropractor from Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1999 where I learned about the physical body, the importance of the spine, and the power of spinal adjustments to health and the healing process, along with body energy/muscle testing methods. I then continued my studies in naturopathic medicine from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Phoenix, Arizona until 2003 where I gained knowledge of herbs, homeopathy, nutrition, and traditional Chinese medicine. I then decided to move to Tennessee to be near my family and opened Karuna Center in Nashville in 2005.


Along the way even before my formal education, I spent considerable time studying other healing techniques and traditions. One of my early passions was energy healing, and so I became a Reiki Master in 1998 and subsequently learned other directed energy techniques which I now integrate with my chiropractic bodywork. I also informally studied Ayurveda, Yoga, Huna, psychology, hypnotherapy, shamanic healing, and other mind-body techniques which furthered my understanding of the power of the mind and emotions. Finally, as my spiritual journey unfolded simultaneously, I gained a deep understanding of essential Buddhist mindfulness which I was then able to fully integrate into my healing approach. And so, for the past 20 years, I have successfully blended natural and holistic healing methods into an integrative system of healthcare for the body, mind, and spirit in my private practice.


My Spiritual Journey

Upon my first major awakening in college, I began my deep dive into spirituality and the pursuit of greater meaning and purpose. The first phase of my spiritual journey was basically about gathering as much knowledge and experience as possible. Being raised Hindu, it was easiest for me to begin exploring Hindu mysticism, cosmology, philosophy, and practices. Many Hindu families will hold a select guru in high regard, and for my family that is Ramakrishna and his disciple I began with them. My first book initiations were The Baghavad Gita and Autobiography of Yogi and my first meditation initiation was Transcendental Meditation. I then launched into the mystical traditions of the other major religions, Theosophy, any New Age and channeled materials I could get a hold of, and eventually spent a great deal of time exploring the topic of Ascension. Along the way, I practiced hatha yoga and the Tibetan Rites, connected to my guides, and explored my past lives. I was a dedicated seeker and committed to healing as much of myself as possible.


The second phase of my spiritual journey began in 2002 when I participated in my first 10-day mindfulness meditation retreat which introduced me to the original Buddhist teachings and practices of cultivating Insight. That experience laid the foundation for my current personal meditation practice and the incorporation of the healing and transformation cycling process as the foundation of my personal development system. In time and after many more retreats, I deepened my understanding and experience of cultivating Samadhi and Insight as essential components of advanced spiritual cultivation. I had fully shifted into direct experience of all the spiritual truths I had been seeking for so long.


The third and current phase of my journey has been focused on the process of kundalini awakening - the alchemy and transformation of the body and energy systems that happens as part of spiritual awakening. My exploration has included Daoist traditions, specifically Nei-gong practices, along with original Kundalini/Kriya Yoga and Indian Siddha traditions.  Aligning with the proper cultivation of our vital force is really the heart and essence of healing and reaching the next level of growth and awakening.


In Conclusion

My healing and spiritual journey have given me the knowledge, insight, and experience to bring forth a system of healing and evolution that helps people attune to the power of nature, transform their relationship to their body and mind, and even align with a greater part of their self. Healthy Living is not about appearance or the lack of symptoms…it is about vitality, flexibility, and resiliency of the body and mind which allows more grace and ease to effectively handle the stresses of life. Enlightened Living then becomes the next phase of personal development and evolution. The Karuna Center is the manifestation of my vision and system.


At a personal level, my daily goal is to practice Healthy & Enlightened Living in all aspects of my life, especially as a husband and father. I believe personal and spiritual growth is not only possible but greatly enhanced in family and work situations with its myriad challenges, and so I strive to practice mindful awareness and compassion in every moment throughout the day so that I may help others do the same.

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