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  • Dr. Suman Chaudhuri

An Overview of Our Process

Step 1 - Connection

We listen with an open mind and heart

We create a container of safety & comfort

We connect to intuitive guidance

You carry a unique history, experiences, stresses, and traumas, all of which have led you to the current state of imbalance, dysfunction, or even medical diagnosis you may be experiencing. And so, any step in the direction of true healing must begin with unraveling the story that brings you here to this moment. Only then can the most important elements be uncovered and addressed to allow healing and recovery. The first step begins with scheduling an initial Wellness Consult & Assessment with Dr. Suman. This entails completing a detailed intake form before the appointment which is the first thing that will be discussed in depth to create a cohesive starting point. This includes not only your medical history but also your stress history, life history, the state of your heart and mind, as well as any spiritual journey you may be on.


Step 2 - Discovery

We uncover the source of stress

We focus on your best path of healing

We truly assess the whole person

Identifying the root causes or stressors of a health issue or condition is key to activating healing and regaining health. Healing is a natural process but a number of factors can interfere with and stifle this process. We take a truly holistic view of the person by assessing the structure and function of the body, the influence of physical and energetic toxins, the impact of emotions and trauma, imbalance in the energy systems, lifestyle issues, and even intangible spiritual factors. To accomplish this, we may use a combination of history, physical exams, medical intuition, medical astrology, functional energy scans, and a wide range of functional lab testing of the blood, saliva, urine, or hair.


Step 3 - Healing

We address symptoms and the cause

We employ natural & integrative services

We support you in the healing process

We employ an integrative blend of natural treatments aligned with the innate stages of healing to activate and support the healing process. Tension, trauma, and toxins, whether physical, emotional, or energetic, can manifest in the body as almost any symptom. A prescribed blend of holistic chiropractic, acupuncture, directed energy therapies, and mindfulness-based approaches are used to address these issues and activate healing. Repairing and rebuilding the body with natural remedies and nutrition are important steps in regaining health, changing chronic conditions, overcoming inflammation and infection, detoxification, and sustaining long-term wellness.


Step 4 - Mindset

We illuminate the path forward

We instill confidence in your journey

We foster a mindset for lasting wellness

True healing beyond the absence of symptoms is a journey of transformation that leads to a state of lasting wellness, vitality, and wholeness. Pain and symptom management is the beginning. Reducing inflammation, increasing energy, improving sleep, emotional balance, and stress management are the greater goals. To this end, extra emphasis is placed on developing the proper mindset of healing and what it means to truly be on the journey to wellness. A full understanding of relapse, retracing, release, reactivity, integration, and recovery is essential to moving away from the medical model of disease to the holistic model of vitality.

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