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  • Dr. Suman Chaudhuri

The Invisible Liver Bug: A Story of Healing Anger

Charlotte tells me she has been feeling pain in her right rib cage area for a number of months that alternates between sharp stabbing sensations to more chronic dull pain. She does not drink alcohol and the pain does not seem related to what she eats. I ask her if she had it checked out by her medical doctor and she says she did not since she wants to follow a natural approach and is worried the medical route would lead to unnecessary testing and drugs. Overall she is rather healthy physically as a 45-year-old woman, happily married with 2 older children. She does admit that emotionally she struggles with anger in that she does not like to express or deal with anger in any way.

As I sit with her and listen to her recent story, I start to receive some quick insight as to what may be happening at a deeper level. According to mind-body energy systems, specifically Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, every organ is connected to a meridian or energy channel which in turn is associated with an emotion. In Charlotte's case, her right-sided pain is located over her liver and the associated emotion is anger. As she has already confirmed her internal resistance to experiencing anger, my confidence in my path of engaging her healing process through the liver is rather solid. Having a path or entry point for any healing work is necessary for the effective activation of the healing process.

I tell Charlotte that I would like to order some blood work to check her liver health as I inform her that she may need to get on a liver support protocol, especially if she has elevated liver enzymes. But for now, my goal for today is to activate her healing process to see if she could get any relief. So I ask Charlotte to lie face up on the treatment table as I do a quick muscle test over her liver to confirm my initial insight.

I inform her now that I would like to see if there was any energy/emotional blockage with her liver that we might be able to address today. I then gently place both my hands on her head. The first step is to induce a relaxed alpha state in the patient as much as possible. The healing force or chi only activates in a healing direction with relaxation, and the alpha state is the typical starting point for balancing the nervous system and moving the mind towards a more focused, open place. I ask her to breathe deeply into her abdomen, engaging her diaphragm, as I direct her to consciously try to relax her body and release as much tension as possible. I simultaneously match her deep breathing and enter into the alpha state myself as my brain has been trained to do so effortlessly after years of daily practice. My hands on her head help to ground her and allow me to direct grounding energy into her energy system as well.

A few moments pass and Charlotte tells me that her pain is increasing now as she continues to breathe deeply. I coach her to continue breathing and remain relaxed to keep her in tune with basic mindfulness which will allow her to not resist what the healing process brings up. Any resistance will impede the flow of chi which will in turn impede the progress of healing. Her pain continues to increase and she is starting to strain her breathing with tension on her face.

At this point, I remain confident in my approach as she is having the typical response to a root cause energy/emotional blockage. If the symptom or pain increases or moves from just deep breathing and relaxing, the chances of the root cause being a physical or structural issue are very minimal. I continue coaching her to breathe and relax while I move down next to her right side and actually place one hand on her liver area.

Within a short minute, she starts writhing in pain and moaning in agony. Feeling that she may be reaching her threshold for pain, I start intervening now to ease her process but with the intention of trying not to stifle or stop it to any great extent. The energy/emotion must keep moving and reach the peak of intensity before it will release or discharge. This is the universal cycle of healing that much be allowed to happen for true complete healing and transformation to be experienced. The problem is usually in the resistance of pain which then blocks the flow of the emotion before it can complete its cycle. With all this in mind, I ask her to hold the intention of breathing out anger with every exhale.

I start directing energy into her liver now with focused intent while I continue to have her breathe out anger with more forced exhales. I have her connect to as much anger as possible that she may be holding in her body. I tell her to bring to mind all the moments of anger from recent events. I tell her to pull up old periods of anger from the past that may have been buried for some time. I tell her to feel all the frustration that may always be swirling in her all day and night. I keep pouring energy into her liver. She starts crying and heaving with tears of deep grief. I continue holding space for her.

Something big suddenly shifts in her. It's palpable in the room. Clairvoyantly, I now see a large, black tick-like creature the size of a hand get pushed out of her liver. I remain motionless, witnessing. Her breathing is easier now but tears are still flowing. The toxic energy construct, as I call these things, slowly starts to float above her struggling to escape from its impending fate. Surprisingly, these toxic energy constructs can be more common than people realize or consider. They can be intimately connected to underlying issues behind symptoms and diseases. In Charlotte's case, I intuited that it was not the primary cause of her pain but more of an opportunistic parasite feeding off of her toxic suppressed anger, very similar to how a physical parasite in the liver will feed off the host. But as she was able to move the anger from her liver, the food source for the energy parasite was gone and her body was finally able to push it out.

I shift gears now and focus fully on the released energy parasite. Proper energy hygiene is in order, and so as with most toxic exposure, one must make sure the toxin is properly disposed of. So with focused intention and visualization, I crush it into energetic oblivion as I would any tick!

I ask Charlotte how she is doing now. Her tears are dry now and she says with wide eyes that her pain is gone. I ask her if she feels any pain at all. She again emphatically declares she feels no pain anywhere! I feel relieved and so happy for her. She sits up grinning with flabbergasted eyes.

I inform her that there will probably be more layers to release in the near future and the pain may come back in some way. She does agree to the liver support protocol of Milk Thistle and Livaplex while I order some blood work to check her liver health. She leaves elated.

I see Charlotte weekly for the next few months and she continues to progress with very little reoccurrence of pain. Her ability and confidence in the emotional release process greatly improve as she continues her supplements. Her liver enzymes were slightly elevated at the onset but soon did return to a normal range!

And no more energy ticks!!!

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