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  • Dr. Suman Chaudhuri

Living with Spike Proteins

The Short & Simple Message about Spike Proteins

The unfortunate reality of living on this planet in the post-pandemic world comes down to understanding and managing the main effect of the C19-virus and the mRNA shot...the spike protein. For those who do not take the time and effort to learn about spike proteins, the expanding list of confusing and surprising health symptoms and conditions will keep growing for many along with feelings of frustration and helplessness. The good news is that there are definite solutions that are readily available, affordable, and effective!

The purpose of this article is to simply convey this message along with the most effective information people need now to be healthy. I will not be getting into the science nor the research but will provide links at the end for those interested.

What are Spike Proteins?

In a nutshell, the spike proteins are the protruding extensions on the virus that allows it to attach to cells in the lungs, heart, kidneys, and sex organs, for example. These spike proteins on the original C19 virus were most unique among all the other natural corona virus found in nature in that they were found to have an unusually strong affinity to certain cell receptors which is what made the original virus more contagious than usual. Moreover, the spike proteins were found to very easily "break off" from the virus body to exist independently and end up accumulating in organs and cells of the body.

To repeat, spike proteins can exist independent of the original virus! And this is the problem...they remain in the body to wreck havoc, especially once they cross into the brain! This is now called Long Hauler's Syndrome.

As far as the mRNA shot is concerned, once it is introduced into the body, immune cells are instructed to create their own spike proteins with the intended goal of producing effective antibodies to future C19 infections. Bear in mind this process only is meant to create antibodies to the version of spike proteins created by the immune cells and NOT the actual body of the original c19 virus! By the way, natural immunity gives you protection from the virus body AND spike protein. But to stay focused on the original issue...these created spike proteins can themselves easily "break off" from the cell and then end up elsewhere in the body.

If you have had any variant of the C19-virus, you have left over spike proteins in your body if you are still suffering from symptoms. If you have had any mRNA shot and it successfully fulfilled it's purpose, then your body had become a factory for spike proteins for an unknown period of time and may still be as the boosters keep taking effect. It's also very likely that exposure to spike protein shedding is now a constant daily occurrence for most everyone. The sobering reality is that there is no escaping spike proteins at this point unless you live alone on an island!

The take home message here is that living in fear or isolation is not a long term viable option. The sooner you embrace the reality of this situation and understand the potential effects on the body...the better you can navigate this new reality and mitigate potential negative effects that may come along in this new world full of spike proteins!

What symptoms seem to be connected to spike proteins?

The most common symptoms being experienced by people are general fatigue, anxiety often with chest tightness and breathing difficulties, heart related symptoms with possible clotting complications, joint and body pains, hair loss, and brain inflammation such as brain fog, memory, and focus issues. In addition, autoimmune issues are the unfortunate eventual end result for many.

A serious consideration for many is a hypersensitive immune system causing an increased incidence of cold and flu-like infections including C19 variants, as well as reactivation of latent and past viral infections such as Epstein-Barr, Bell's Palsy, and Shingles.

Usually this collection of symptoms seem to be unrelated to the usual culprits such as hormonal imbalance, stress syndromes, diet, and lifestyle issues. And so, the usual natural approaches and treatments along with stress management seem to not have lasting or noticeable effect.

So what can be done?

The good news is that from the onset of the pandemic, many researchers and clinicians actually discovered that a large list of readily available health promoting agents were very effective in mitigating the effects of the virus and spike proteins. Of course most all of these potential aids were not publicized and made known to the general public. Some, as we know, were actually strongly criticized.

Backed by research and from personal and clinical experience, a few select supplements are foundational keys to an effective, simple spike protein solution above and beyond general support like vitamin C, D, A, zinc, and omega 3's. Please keep in mind, this is a very simple, general approach suitable for anyone and a great starting place to try for self-care. I will just focus on two very effective and well researched supplements that should be the foundation for any program to address spike proteins. Above and beyond these two, there is a growing list of other potential supplements that may be very effective. Of course, the best approach is with the guidance of a healthcare professional especially if any symptoms are severe and long-term.

Bromelain derived from pineapple is a protease which means it is a protein digesting enzyme. It is a common digestive aid to promote better digestion if taken with food, but if taken on an empty stomach, Bromelain will get directly into the bloodstream and "digest" toxic proteins in the body, specifically spike proteins. [1] As a point of emphasis, it must be taken away from food, preferably before bed or on arising, otherwise, it will be used up digesting any protein from food in the stomach. This is the number one clean up crew agent against spike proteins. As an added bonus, Bromelain can be very effective at reducing congestion, phlegm, and even scar tissue at higher doses. (Recommended started dose is 1000mg or 4800 GDU daily)

N-acetyl-L-cysteine (NAC) is a powerful compound derived from food that the body uses to create glutathione, the primary detoxifying agent of the liver. NAC, usually taken as a liver and detox support, specifically has been shown to affect spike proteins especially in combination with Bromelain. [2] NAC also directly deactivates graphene oxide, the other controversial ingredient in the mRNA shots that has been implicated in potential adverse and insidious affects. [3] Glutathione levels commonly plummet with C19 infection and the mRNA shot due to the burden on the liver, and so NAC can be a fantastic way to help the body replenish glutathione. (Recommended starting dose is 1000 mg daily)

These two supplements should provide good results for most in a short period of time if taken at their recommended dosages. Of course, increasing the daily dosage of one or more of the above will create a stronger and quicker effect, but this should be done under the guidance of a health care practitioner as typical detox symptoms are more likely at higher dosages.

In Summary

Spike proteins are now an insidious culprit behind many health challenges being experienced by so many regardless of whether you have received the mRNA shot or not. If you want to stay as healthy as possible and recover as much as possible from potential spike protein effects, then now is the time to get serious about an effective spike protein protection plan. Start simple with the two above safe and effective supplements. For many with chronic symptoms affecting specific organs or areas of the body, then a more aggressive and focused treatment plan is recommended. Please contact the office for further help and guidance.

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Jun 20, 2023
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Very informative. Thank you!

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