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Our Approach

Complete Healing for the Whole Person ~

Our Natural Philosophy

First Do No Harm

We listen and we do not force anything

We facilitate the natural forces within

We aim to look beyond the symptoms

We provide support every step of the way

We work with the body, mind, and spirit as one

Prevention & Wellness

We promote stability and sustainability

The Healing Steps

The natural healing process we employ has four key segments that are the foundation of our approach to patient care. Every program and treatment utilized at the clinic incorporates this process as part of an integrative and holistic model of complete healthcare. These essential steps are each crucial for successful healing and transformation, and are actually a focused, practical version of the more generalized Healing Cycle outlined below.

The Healing Cycle

If we expand the above key steps to their full healing potential, we have the complete Healing Cycle which expands to 6 unique steps and is a specific reflection of the grand Transformation Cycle. The Healing Cycle must be understood and applied successfully by every patient if they are to successfully heal and navigate the healing journey. The main issue blocking healing is resistance at a physical, emotional, or mental level, and so the Healing Cycle provides the key to move through healing and transformation gracefully and effectively. This is a cycling process which means a new level of healing and growth is achieved with every completed cycle...the overall picture is one of an upward spiral!

the healing cycle 2.png

The Pillars of Health

To create a solid foundation for sustainable wellness for the body and mind, there are 8 Pillars of Health that must be addressed and stabilized. Most will be experiencing physical or mental symptoms connected to one or more of these pillars to begin with and the path to wellness will usually begin with healing those priority areas first. 

As each pillar is balanced and optimized, overall improvement in the 6 Pillars of Wellness will unfold.

Emotional Flow

Relaxed Body

Intuitive Eating

Stable Energy

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