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The System
The Healing Steps

The natural healing process has three key steps that are the foundation of our approach to patient care. Every program and treatment utilized at the clinic incorporates this process as part of an integrative and holistic model of complete healthcare. These three essential steps are actually a focused, practical version of the more generalized Healing Cycle outlined below.

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The Healing Cycle

If we expand the above key steps to their full potential and understanding, we arrive at a more comprehensive model of healing - the Healing Cycle. It is both reflected and derived from many modern and ancient models of healing and transformation such as the body's natural detoxification process, the Hero's Journey, the Catharsis Model, and the 16 Stages of Insight from the original teachings of the Buddha. This is the foundation of our approach to healthcare and personal cultivation for healing and transformation and what everyone enrolling in our programs must understand and apply.

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The Healing Journey

Utilizing the Healing Steps based on the Healing Cycle described above, we offer the opportunity to navigate the full journey of healing from a beginning point to a potential state of vibrant vitality and well-being. This is a natural process available to anyone with the proper guidance, work, and support. The goal of each stage of the journey is to achieve, stabilize, and potentially enhance specific pillars of the body, mind, and life in general. Please keep in mind that the journey is not necessarily fully linear and that Skillful Living is always available for anyone on the path.

Healing Journey
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