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Optimal Wellness

for the Body, Mind, & Spirit

A Complete System of Healing & Transformation

Natural + Holistic + Integrative

A community wellness center dedicated to natural healthcare for the whole family

We provide holistic and integrative assessments, solutions, and strategies that address the whole person. 
We offer assistance, guidance, tools, and techniques for healing, transformation, and vibrant living.
We empower and guide you along the journey to your true potential. 


A Personal Message From
Dr. Suman Chaudhuri

Welcome! I am so excited to join you on your journey of healing. True health is not just about symptom relief or management, but about reconnecting to a greater source of vitality and well-being inherent in all of us. Wellness is ultimately a state of mind that leads to vibrant living!

We offer you a complete system of wellness for the whole person that optimizes healing and transformation of the body and mind.  I want you to heal and truly feel better so that you can live more fully. Regardless of your past or your current situation, you always have the opportunity to heal, change, and evolve.  I hope you choose to explore this journey to wellness and vitality with us so that you can begin to experience your optimal potential.

Join me in the first step which starts with a free Discovery Consult to connect and chart the best path for you.


Our Optimal Wellness Programs

We offer two primary programs that are the foundations for achieving optimal wellness.
Most begin with either one or both to effectively move forward along their healing journey.

We also offer two advanced programs that fine-tune and further develop specific aspects of wellness for greater vitality and well-being.

Do you have general questions or are not sure where to start? 
Contact us now so we can properly direct you.

Our Select Services

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events at the moment

Balanced Care

Resolve symptoms naturally
Uncover underlying reasons preventing health
Support & heal the body & mind


"I have had the great fortune to have seen Dr. Suman Chaudhuri for treatment over a period of years.  As an energy healer, he is extraordinary.  On the treatment table, I can actually feel the energy move to where it is most needed.  I have also felt energy blocks being cleared. During our talk sessions, Suman respectfully listens and guides the conversation with central questions and helpful insight.  Often, I leave feeling that something important to my well-being was realized. As a practitioner and teacher of mindfulness and meditation, he encourages both spiritual practices to deepen self-awareness as well as navigate more easily through life’s challenges.  I know that these practices will remain my permanent goals. It is the combination of Dr. Suman Chaudhuri’s skills, knowledge and compassion that make me feel very confident in his care."

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