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Natural Healthcare & Vibrant Wellness

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Natural + Holistic + Integrative

We provide natural healthcare for the entire family using truly holistic and integrative assessments, solutions and strategies. 

We offer assistance, guidance, tools, and techniques for healing, transformation, and optimal living.

We strive to empower and guide the patient to be able to heal themselves and then in time evolve into their true potential. 


Our goal is to facilitate the natural healing forces within and align with natural law using safe and gentle methods and remedies. True health and wellness is a process and journey.

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We treat the body, heart, mind, and spirit 0r the whole person. We look beyond symptoms by identifying the root causes of illness and addressing the sources of stress.

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We offer truly integrative care by blending the best of chiropractic, functional medicine, energy medicine, and mindfulness into a complete system of healing and transformation.

Natural Forces within us are the True Healers of disease.

~ Hippocrates

 - Our Unique Approach -
A Journey to Health, Wellness, & Beyond

Regardless of your starting point, we will help you move from just symptom or pain management to true healing and wellness.

If you are looking for alternatives to drugs and surgery or seeking complimentary help with your medical condition and medications, then we can help you find better solutions and healthy strategies.

If you are ready to commit to a more natural path of healing and address the deeper causes of your symptoms or suffering, then we will help you create a solid foundation of health leading to eventual stable wellness - the path of Healthy Living.

If you are really interested in taking your health and well-being to a whole new level with even greater vitality and possibly experience the process of true transformation of the body and mind, then the path of Vibrant Living is for you!

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Healthy Living

Personalized plans based on the unique situation and needs of the patient
(acute and chronic conditions) 

General and focused programs for foundational health and wellness

Yoga by the Ocean

Vibrant Living

Personalized support, education, and empowerment for enhanced wellbeing
(for those already generally healthy)

Unique programs for greater vitality and transformation of the body and mind

If you want to fly, give up everything that weighs you down.
~ Buddha

 - Our Complete System -
Healing for the Whole Person 

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Natural Progression

Foundational Health

identify and address stressors
balance, repair, rebuild, cleanse

Advanced Wellness

purification, restoration, rejuvenation
enhanced vitality and stress management

Vibrant Well-being

enhanced mindfulness and self-healing
meditation and elite energy cultivation


Doctor's Appointment

Holistic Testing

Basic Functional Medicine Testing

nutritional status, hormonal balance, organ function, mineral balance

Specialized Functional Testing

physical and energetic system balance, wellness factors, cardiac health risks

Energetic Testing

causal and priority assessments of the body, energy, emotions, and mind


Reiki Treatment

Integrative Treatments

Holistic Chiropractic

low force adjustments, acupressure,
directed energy techniques

Clinical Nutrition-Functional Medicine

whole food and targeted supplementation, herbs, diet modification

Energy Medicine

laser light therapy, homeopathy,
mind-body techniques


The art of healing comes from nature,
not from the physician.
Therefore, the physician must start from nature,
with an open mind.
                          ~ Philipus Paracelsus